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I'm the guy that typically works with the Product Manager, the Business Strategist and/or the Head of Engineering to designs business solutions. I use Design Thinking to solve complex problems.

Maurice Carty

I'm the guy that typically works with the Product Manager, the Business Strategist and/or the Head of Engineering to designs business solutions. I use Design Thinking to solve complex problems.

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Work History

IBM Canada
Oct 1996 – Jun 2002

ROLE: IT Advisor/Sr. Designer

Daily Responsibilities:
> Developed new and creative solutions for global corporations.
> Developed new and creative e-business solutions for retail and financial sector.

> Implemented e-business initiatives using various mediums such as Print, Internet, Intranet, Point Of Purchase, Customized Software Applications, CD-ROMs and Kiosks.
> Design and present mockups and design flows for both online and standalone applications.

Technical Environment:
> Agile Development Methodology
> Reported to Manager of E-Business Consulting
> A hands on approach to requirements gathering, RFP responses, information architecture, product demonstrations, pitching application features and design scripts.
> Creating statements of work, design guidelines, usability flowcharts, resource quotes, and project timelines.

> Photoshop, Illustrator, Lotus Notes, Visio, HTML, e-Commerce

Mar 2005 - Aug 2008

ROLE: Software UI Designer


Daily Responsibilities:
> Responsible for wire frames, prototyping, design, usability and interface design for online and standalone software applications.
> Responsible for interaction and prototype designs (UX).

> Lead Interface designer for software applications designed for the broadcast industry.

Technical Environment:
> Waterfall Development Methodology
> Software as a Service (SaaS)
> Reported directly to VP of Software Engineering.
> Worked closely with Developers, Engineers, Business Analysts, QA and Technical Writers

> Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, MS Office, HTML, CSS

Recognia Inc
Oct 2012 – Jan 2015

ROLE: Sr. UX Designer

Recognia is the Industry Leader in providing Actionable Investment Research Products for Self-directed Investors and Traders. Recognia provides coverage of more than 55 exchanges worldwide, including stocks, ETF’s, forex, indices, and futures. Recognia today has more than 20 million provisioned accounts worldwide, with products servicing the largest and most successful institutions, stock exchanges and online brokerage firms, including Bloomberg, NYSE Euronext, Fidelity, Charles Schwab, TD Waterhouse, Kotak Securities, and many more.

Daily Responsibilities:
> Work with team members in implementing a new framework for our products.
> Designing and creating new products for Recognia’s portfolio of products.
> Concept design, interface design, usability and interaction design for all products.
> Responsible for wire frames, screen flow designs, prototyping, design, usability testing.
> Manage advisory group of testers and schedule usability tests (A/B, concept annotations, interviews...)
> Work with developers and engineers to ensure products are implemented correctly.
> Design Thinking philosophy to verify we build the right products for the right users.

> Redesign application to responsive and support all browsers and mobile devices. > Design dashboard to display product usability metrics. (users, usage, speed, workflow, dollars, sales) > Making stock trading "customizable" > Redesign interaction workflows to simplify tasks. > Eliminate unnecessary clutter and clearly display relevant information. > Extend product design and usage of all products used by the Top GlobalFinancial institutions.

Technical Environment:
> Agile Development Methodology (Sprint based)
> Responsive Design Process
> Work with Product Manager, Developers, Sales and Marketing.
> Worked and report directly to Product Manager

> Photoshop, Axure, Balsamiq, Twitter Bootstrap and ZURB Foundation

Dell Software

Dell Software
Jul 2010 - Feb 2012

ROLE: UI & Interaction Designer

Daily Responsibilities:
> Work with and assist other UI/UX designers to develop consistency across apps.
> Interface design and usability efforts for Quest Software suite of products.
> Responsible for wire frames, prototyping, design, usability and interface design for enterprise software applications for mobile and web.
> Responsible for interaction, prototype and screen flow designs (UX).

> The redesign and development for a consistent look & feel for all product family provided by the company.
> A/B Testing and other methods to make the best design solution possible for the user.
> Design to meet requirements of multiple devices (monitors and mobile phones/tablets)
> SaaS, Applications Performance Monitoring, Virtual Machines and Cloud Computing

Technical Environment:
> Agile Development Methodology
> Software as a Service (SaaS)
> Reported directly to Director of Software, R&D Department.
> Worked closely with Designers, Developers, IT Architects, QA and Technical Writers

> Photoshop, Illustrator, Axure, Balsamiq, MS Office, ZURB, HTML, CSS

Jan 2015 – Sep 2015

ROLE: Sr. UX Designer

SOTI Inc. develops world leading technology that solves the unique challenges involved in managing, securing, supporting & tracking remote mobile & desktop computing devices. Today over 14,000 customers around the world in retail, manufacturing, healthcare, government, logistics & numerous other industries rely on SOTI software products within the mobile device management industry.

SOTI works closely with top mobile device manufacturers such as: Samsung, Microsoft, Intermec, Honeywell, RIM, Motorola, Aruba, Bluebird, Panasonic, ZTE, LG, etc. SOTI’s world-class remote technology is second to none & is licensed by top mobile device hardware & software brands.

Blueprint Software<
Sep 2015 - Current

ROLE: Lead UX Designer

Blueprint is a global leader in driving IT project success by de-risking and accelerating complex software projects. Our requirements management solution ensures complex IT projects are successful and scalable, right from the start.

- New product ideation, research and design
- Packaged SaaS software applications
- Software design and prototyping
- Sales and Marketing product demos walk-through/prototypes
- User research and product testing
- Legacy application modernization

Whether you follow an Agile, Waterfall or Hybrid methodologies, top companies and Business Analysts world-wide benefit from Blueprint’s best-in-class requirements definition and management tools. Companies such as Citibank, Coca-Cola, Xerox, JPMorgan Chase, CGI, Merck, LexisNexis, NRC and others use Blueprint when working with complex software projects.

My Work

Designing and building usable products is no longer a ‘nice-to-have', it's a critical aspect of software development.

My Skill Set

Statistics show that 63% percent of all software projects overrun their budgetary estimates and the main reasons are due to unforseen usability problems.


From concepts to napkins to design session to mockups to launch

Whiteboard - Balsamiq - Sketch - Adobe Suite


From assisting marketing, sales or support it's a team effort

Invision - Marvel - Powerpoint - HTML/CSS - Prototypes


From private sector to government compliance vision and accessibility

Appearance - Functionality - Content - Gov. Regulations


From phone to surveys to focus groups you need to know

Invision - Marvel - ZURB - Validately - AB/Testing


From Stories to Kamban to Trello to QA to CX it should all be in synch

TFS- Slack - Trello - Blueprint Storyteller


From design patterns to dark patterns it should work

Design Thinking - Design Patterns - User Testing


From a single product to product suites it should feel the same

Invision - HTML/CSS - Sketch - Marvel - Photoshop - PDF


From two letters to Chinese to German it should all work

Localization - Responsive Design - Quality Assurance


  • Kevin Aguanno

    I worked with Maurice on several projects. His work was always top-notch and he creatively expressed the customers' business vision in his solutions. He was easy going, getting along with everyone on the team, and always worked hard to please the customers. I would be happy to work with him again in the future.

    Kevin Aguanno, Agile Coach

  • Maurice is highly creative and extremely detailed. He can take a complex concept and make it simple to understand. His calm composure under pressure, sense of humor and candidness made him a pleasure to work work. Looking forward to working with him again one day!

    Amanda Anderson, Designer

  • Maurice is a versatile designer and user experience specialist whose creative flair and eye for detail make him a joy to work with. He doesn't simply push pixels around but envisions an entire functional interface that helps drive the interactive experience for the user. Maurice is someone I heartily recommend as a valuable addition to any professional team.

    Victor Chan, Developer

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